"Hey Baby, It's Carbon Neutral"

Among recently reported carbon neutral products and events (clothing, sports events, etc.), this one is without a doubt the blingiest to date. In what is also an interesting twist on the car sharing model we all know and love, Club Sportiva, with offices in San Franciso and Munich, offers its members timeshare access to a veritable harem of vehicular love slaves (Ferraris, Lotuses, Bentleys, etc.). The company has now announced that it will offset the emissions of its entire fleet of timeshare classic cars by signing up with Certified Cleaner Car, a service that calculates and offsets vehicle emissions using Green-e renewable energy certificates and carbon credits purchased through the Chicago Climate Exchange.
It is altogether possible that this indicates not only the expansion of the carbon trading and renewable energy economy, but also the rising sexual capital attached to eco-consciousness. If your Prius isn’t getting you all the desired results, you may want to give these guys a call. ::Club Sportiva