Hertz adds Tesla Model S electric car to rental fleet

Tesla Model S electric car
CC BY 2.0 Flickr

Only in Los Angeles and San Francisco so far

Want to drive a Tesla Model S electric car but you don't have the wallet fortitude required to own one? No problem! As long as you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco, you'll be able to rent one from Hertz. The company has decided to add the Model S to its 'Dream Cars' lineup. "[S]hould customer demand warrant it, we will consider expanding availability to other locations," Hertz spokeswoman Paula Rivera told CNN.

At around $500 per day plus $0.49 a mile after 75 miles, that's still pretty expensive, but it's certainly better for the planet than spending as much - if not more - on Ferrari or Lamborghini...

For us regular folks, the interesting part will begin when Tesla (and other automakers) put the next generation of electric cars on the market (which I vaguely define as $30k range for 200 miles of range). These should find their ways in many rental and car-sharing fleets.


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