Help Us Choose Our New Green TreeHugger Headquarters

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It is hard keeping ahead of the blogging world when you work Eastern Standard Time; That is one of the reasons we are looking at a new, floating headquarters. A few extra hours in the morning would be useful, and going east a few time zones would help. Also, no worries for us about the costs of cap and trade and tax increases. And of course, once Ray LaHood gives half of the Interstate Highway System to cyclists and pedestrians it will be impossible to get around. The only thing to do is to go offshore, but we just can't decide what to do it on.

Our first choice is the Hermes Why Wally, full of sustainable goodness, starting with its 9,700 square feet of photovoltaics on the roof.

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The Why-Wally looks quite attractively green. According to the Guardian:

In addition to comfort, the craft's creators are keen that their yacht is environmentally friendly, and anticipate the yacht generating 500kw of solar energy a day through 900sq metres of photovoltaic panels covering its roof and hull.

According to the designers, the WHY should use far less energy than a yacht of the same size, saving up to 200 tonnes of diesel per year. Frugal fuel consumption will enable it to cross the Atlantic four times without refuelling.

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There is lots of meeting room, too.


The Sauter Super Nova is a 60m Solar Hybrid Megayacht that is faster, more spacious, more ergonomic and far greener than any vessel ever built.

Her catamaran configuration supports 1200+square meters of light concentrating Wingsails that raise the efficiency of the largest Solar Cell Array ever deployed on a Megayacht. (650sq.m)

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The catamaran design is particularly efficient in its use of space; that huge lower deck could accommodate everyone.

Cruising at 17kts a 75 to 100% reduction in GHG emissions is achieved by employing multiple diesel electric drives supported by fully rotational wingsails, power sailing wave motion regeneration, a massive solar cell array and UPS backup.

All combined, cruising at an average speed of 8kts Super Nova's regenerative charge and lithium storage systems allow for a virtually unlimited zero carbon cruising range. More at Sauter Carbon Offset Design

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The Soliloquy, designed by Alastair Callender, "provides this stunning yacht the ability to be emission-free, running up to 8 knots on solar energy alone. This has numerous advantages, not least providing significantly reduced running costs."


Interior finishes are particularly green:

There's bamboo flooring, for example, which is stronger and more sustainable than most woods, while also being lighter weight. The specific bamboo he has in mind is also not from areas populated by pandas, another nod to the environment. Meanwhile, coconut-shell and palm-wood paneling can also be used for soles, as well as wall coverings. Each material is typically discarded in favor of other parts of the respective plants.

Even the wallpapers are eco-friendly. One blends textile fibers and cellulose from sustainable forests, while another is VOC-free. As for furniture fabrics, wool, hemp, and leather are among the selections, with some produced either without pesticides or dyes containing heavy metals. There's also the ability to reuse (read: recycle) the wool and leather. And speaking of reusing, additional fabrics are made from post-industrial polyester, which eliminates waste and the need to use energy to process virgin polyester.

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