Help Pick the New Chevy MiniCar


You don't need a hybrid to use less gas, you just need a smaller car. General Motors is getting this message (as John pointed out earlier) and today Chevrolet unveiled three new small designs from GM' s Design Studio in Incheon, South Korea, where they know something about small cars.

According to the press release, "The original mission was to develop the perfect Chevrolet small car for urban commuters, but after the architecture was developed, the young designers brought so much energy to the project that they came back with not one but three interpretations of how this car could be built and adapted to Chevrolet customers around the world."

So in a very web 2.0 fashion we all get to vote which of the three designs we like best, not that they give much information on them. Too bad they won't let us make ads for them. All three are fuel-sipping little things. Take your pick at ::Vote4chevrolet via ::Groovy Green

UPDATE: Coverage of the Auto Show on PSFK with pictures of the minicars.