Helmet Head Takes on New Meaning, or Another Way to Warm Up Winter Bike Commutes

No matter what anyone says, it's impossible for the vast majority of humans to look good in a bike helmet. That why gorgeous adult Danes (children must wear helmets) tend to just say no!

But here comes RidingPretty with at least one new way to spice up this deadly dull fashion area.

Riding Pretty Helmet Cover photo
It's nice to know that daring designers like Riding Pretty's Shelly Shroeder are out there finding ways other than plastic flowers and stickers to transform bicycle fashion. Shroeder's video is from last year, and is a prototype - since then she's done to-order helmet covers that harken back to the days when women riding bikes tended to swathe themselves head to toe to ride. Shroeder keeps coming up with new implementation of her helmet covers like the rain-proofing version above. She's also got a blog to talk about bicycle fashion and its lack.

When beautiful, rounded and girly-print bike helmets were released last year, of course I went down to the local Portland bike store to try them on. They looked even worse on my small head than the helmet I already have. So I doubt RidingPretty's designs will help me. I'm still waiting for the helmet that keeps the head warm, doesn't block sound, and looks good. Dreaming, dreaming. Via: RidingPretty

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