Hello Electric Wants to Give BP CEO Tony Hayward an Electric Car

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Image: Hello Electric
Nice PR Coup!
For a few years, BP (originally British Petroleum) has tried to rebrand itself as "Beyond Petroleum". The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has made obvious that BP was far from being beyond oil (though beyond the pale, at times), but it's never too late to start. A group called Hello Electric wants to give an electric car to Tony Hayward, who will soon step down as BP CEO, along with a letter encouraging him to become an EV ambassador. Read on for more details.The letter that they're asking you to sign reads as follows:

Dear Tony,

You've seen first-hand the devastation caused by our global oil addiction. Now you've got more free time on your hands, we're offering you the chance to truly move "beyond petroleum" by driving an electric car and encouraging the world to do the same.

To make it easy for you, we've picked out an awesome new electric car and paid the deposit. Once 25,000 people have signed this goodbye card, we're offering the car to you personally. Just think, you'll never have to make another trip to the gas station!


[your name]

There's more information here about why they're doing this. Of course, Mr. Hayward can't possibly accept the electric car. He's quite wealthy and that would just make him look bad. But if he doesn't, that could make him look even worse than he already does too. It's a bit of a catch 22. So maybe Tony will buy an EV himself and try to spin this as "see, I really meant all that beyond petroleum stuff!". We'll see.

You can sign the card using your Facebook login or by filling a form.

Via Hello Electric, ABG
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