Helen Mirren Tests Chevy's Fuel-Cell Electric Equinox (Video)

helen mirren chevy equinox fcev photo

Image credit: GM

There was a time when hydrogen was everywhere in the green tech blogosphere. From Top Gear's rave reviews of the Honda FCX, through Will Ferrell's hydrogen BMW, to the Governator's hydrogen Hummer. But with Obama killing hydrogen funding, and with all-electric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF and the Tesla Model S looking ever more credible, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the world has moved on. But many companies are actively exploring fuel cells as an option, and Chevy has enlisted actress Helen Mirren to help sell them. I'm just not totally sure about her driving...Award winning actress Helen Mirren and and Academy Award-winning director Taylor Hackford are part of GM's Project Driveway—"the world's largest market test of fuel cell electric vehicles." The couple took Chevy's Equinox Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle for a spin, and they certainly rave about the experience. For those who want technical details, the video is a little short on information. But both Mirren and Hackford clearly enjoy the ride.

I just had to hold on to my seat a little as they squeezed between parked removal lorries, but I guess it's all in a good cause...

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