Heatwave Recalls Thousands of Green Volvos

Volvo Flexifuel photo

As long as your Volvo's going to the frozen north, no problem. Photo via miljobil.se.

This week, a massive Baltic storm dumped rain all over Sweden and returned us to the damp and chilly summers we've come to expect. But last week? Last week Sweden seemed more like Mexico - warm, truly hot actually, with tons of sunshine. Swedes, who traditional flee their jobs for the month of July, were hoping against hope that the weather would hold as they got in their cars and sped off to their summer stugor. Well, the weather held (for awhile) but if they were unlucky enough to be driving off in a Volvo Flexifuel eco-car, they might just find themselves stranded by the side of a sunny Swedish meadow. Volvo has now recalled 8,500 of the Flexifuel cars, which can run on regular gas or ethanol. (Volvo's truly great BiFuel vehicles that could take regular gas or low-CO2 and locally produced methane (compressed natural gas) were discontinued in 2006; Volvo has said they might bring the car back.)

The fuel pump on the Flexifuel cars - Volvo V70 2,0 Flexifuel and Volvo S80 2,0 Flexifuel - is not functioning when the mercury rises. According to the Swedish Wire, what happens is a valve and pressure regulator lose their grip, cutting fuel flow to the engine and causing the car to die. Around 400 Swedish Volvo owners have been affected by the problem.

Sweden is one of the countries where ethanol cars have been very popular due to a SEK 10,000 rebate that the government decided to end earlier this month. Via The Swedish Wire (English)

Note: Thanks to commenters who caught that the original photo was a Flexifuel, but not a Volvo.

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