Health Warnings for SUVs

Cancer kills. So many countries require tobacco products to carry large warnings on packets and advertising. A UK-based, award-winning, think tank, the New Economic Foundation, believes Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)* also kill, especially through their contribution to global warming and should come with the same style warnings. NEP point out that SUVs, compared to other vehicles, are "disproportionately responsible for emissions of ...... both climate change fuelling CO2, other air pollutants, and traffic fatalities and injuries." Indeed they quote a World Health Organisation report that transport will, by 2020, overtake TB, HIV and war to become the world's third most common cause of death and disability. Scary stuff. So NEP have generated this 'artists impression' to promote their point. If you can't make out the sign on the door of the car, it reads "Driving endangers your baby and other children" ::New Economic Foundation [by WM]

* In Australia, we call them Four Wheel Drives (4WDs). So in a rearguard action, to stubbornly stem the globalisation of language, this correspondent will henceforth refer to them by his native lingo.