HDT Make Production Diesel Motorcycle

A couple weeks ago, Tipster Matt S, pointed us in the direction of HDT (Hayes Diversified Technologies), who it seems are manufacturers of "the world's first purpose-built production diesel motorcycle engine". "To achieve good power," HDT note that "an advanced, thermally robust, free-breathing four valve cylinder head is used, in combination with an indirect injection combustion system and intensive development and tailoring of the fuel injection characteristics. Indirect injection also gives lower combustion pressures — enabling lighter engine construction, less 'diesel knock' and low particulate emissions." In trials held in September they clocked record speeds of up to 169.261 kmh (or 104.997 mph), which must've pleased the US military, who earlier this year ordered 500 bikes. (There is a NATO model also.) And apparently it will run on mineral diesel or bio-diesel, and in a pinch can cope with aviation kerosene too. Although HDT do seem to specialise in military sales, they will also release a street legal model in 2006. In a piece for Gizmag, Fred Hayes, founder of HDT, observes that while about 20-30% more expensive than a standard bike, their diesel motorcycle can do 110 mpg - over twice the range of a conventional motorcycle. Thanks Matt. ::HDT