Hawaii To Be First With Statewide Electric Car Charging Stations

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The electric car infrastructure race is on! A short while ago several mayors in the San Francisco Bay Area announced that they would be partnering with Better Place to bring electric vehicle charging stations to the area. Now Hawaii is going to do one better and become the first state to have Better Place charging stations across the entire state.

Considering that the Bay Area has a population of about 7 million and Hawaii about 1.3 million, some semantic one-upmanship is at work here, but nevertheless this is great news. Here are the details:
Statewide Charging Stations by 2012
The first of the charging stations will by open by 2011, with between 50,000-100,000 charge spots put into parking lots and alongside streets by 2012.

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Hawaii was chosen for the first statewide rollout by Better Place for some rather obvious reasons: The islands are a contained environment with limited imports and exports of cars compared to other states. Better Place hopes that Hawaii can serve as a blue print for other states, to show how building green infrastructure can lead to greater job creation

Renewable Energy Will Have to Expand As Well
Currently Hawaii imports oil for about 90% of its energy needs—at a price of $7 billion annually—one third of which is used for transportation. Considering that if electric cars are going to genuinely reduce carbon emissions and other pollution (and not just shift the source of it) that the electricity will have to be generated from renewable sources, Hawaii’s going to have to get a move on tapping into its wind power, solar power and wave power potential.

via: Washington Post
images: Better Place
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