HaveBlue — Sailing Away Clean With a Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Sailing to me is about getting away from it all; and living in Los Angeles, that usually means getting away from pollution. That's why it's very disappointing when I see smog hanging over some remote harbor, usually produced by dozens of boats 'enjoying nature'. So, I was delighted to learn that HaveBlue, a Ventura California based company, has created a system which produces propulsion and power for your boat from...water. The clever folks at HaveBlue recognized that if you are going to use an oxygen and hydrogen fuel cell for something, you might as well be floating on the fuel (H2O).Their technology utilizes multiple renewable resources (sun, wind & motion) to clean and separate the Hydrogen and Oxygen from the sea water. It then uses the hydrogen in a fuel cell for power. While all of these technologies are not brand spanking new, putting it all together on a boat and powering that boat with the hydrogen is an amazing step in applying hydrogen fuel cell technology. The dream is that HaveBlue can remove polluting fuel from the sailing equation, and may even tackle larger polluters in the future. HaveBlue is scheduled to begin all-hydrogen sea trials this summer (feel free to invite me along for a ride!). I hope to see several HaveBlue systems in the coming years, and less smog. ::HaveBlue [by T. McGee]