Have You Reduced Your Dependence on Cars?

We all know that our car-based society* is not sustainable (not to mention dehumanizing). Smaller, lighter cars and hybrids can help us reduce the amount of energy used per kilometer/mile driven and and cut down on air pollution and smog, but these are not a solution in themselves, just a small band-aid on a pretty big wound. A larger systemic change has to take place at both ends: From the top, policymakers have to show vision and take tough decisions, and from the bottom, individuals have to put pressure on politicians and rearrange their own lives around a less car-intensive paradigm. What we want to know is: what are the steps that you have taken, or that you plan to take, to do your part? Please share your experience and opinions with us in the comments. Update: The Oil Drum has a poll where they ask their readers about transportation. The comments are very interesting and similar to those found here. Check it out.Do you walk? Cycle? Take public transportation? Carpool? Have you contacted your elected representatives about local or national transportation matters? Do you write letters to the editor of local papers? Emails to the mainstream media? Do you use car-sharing services? Do you plan on moving closer to where you work? Telecommuting? Are you part of advocacy groups or NGOs?

*Some interesting statistics via Grist: According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 88.1% of all workers in the USA reported that they used the automobile to get to work, and 79.4% of works drove alone in their cars.

The average annual cost of owning a mid-size car is $8,580 (when driven 15,000 miles/year), the average annual cost of public transportation is $566.40 ($1.50 fare, using monthly passes).