Handmade electric car from 75-year-old Ukrainian inventor (videos)

Handmade electric car Ukraine
CC BY-SA 3.0 CleanTechnica / Zachary Shahan

A few months ago, a Ukrainian green incubator (greencubator) and an Austrian-based solar company with a strong presence in Ukraine (Activ Solar) brought me over to Ukraine for a 1-week cleantech tour that was jam-packed with interesting events, a 100-MW solar farm tour (which included a very sweet filmed ride on the back of a 4-wheeler through the solar farm), and numerous speaking engagements. At the very end of the tour, cleantech nonprofit Alternativa* extended the awesomeness by also arranging test rides of several electric vehicles and interviews with their creators. I loved them all, but without a doubt, the one pictured above and below was the coolest.

As the title of this article notes, and as you can see in the videos below, the creator of this handmade electric car is an 75-year-old Ukrainian inventor. He worked for years in the aviation industry, but his passion is now electric cars. The car featured here is actually the second electric car he has built. In this first video, you can learn a bit more about this handmade electric car:

In this second video, I filmed while going on a test ride. As I think you can tell from my commentary, it was a lot of fun!

In the third video, you can learn a bit more about the man behind the car, some of his work in the aviation industry, and why he builds electric cars:

And in this fourth video, this Ukrainian cleantech lover notes a special request regarding clean energy:

Pretty cool, eh?

Here are several more pictures of Electra 2:

And tell me honestly: does that car not remind you of the DeLorean?

*Full disclosure: I'm now an advisor to Alternativa (because I'm so into the cool cleantech work it is doing and its director invited me to be an advisor), but that is an entirely unpaid/voluntary position.

Handmade electric car from 75-year-old Ukrainian inventor (videos)
I got to meet and drive in a handmade electric car built by an 75-year-old Ukrainian inventor. I think the car is worth a peek and my videos about it and driving in it is worth a watch.

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