Hamburgers and Hybrids: Swedish McDonald's Will Let You Plug In and Charge Up

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There's already a strange phenomenon at roadside Swedish McDonald's - to avoid building a lot of extra asphalt to accommodate on-off drivers traveling in both directions getting a fast-food fix, Sweden puts a complete drive-through restaurant on either side of the road!

So perhaps it's not such a surprise that the country should take advantage of McDonald's handy easy-on, easy-off infrastructure and strike a deal with the yellow-arched fast-food joints to implement a network of hybrid-electric car charging posts. Jump to see a picture of the yellow-and-red prototype post.

McDonalds Charging Post photo

The grid provider pays for the network, McDonald's pays for the posts
Sweden's Elforsk is using its resources to figure out how to make the charging time at the posts extremely short, while McDonald's of Sweden will decide which restaurants get the posts - they plan to have a pilot post - 230 volts and 16 amps - installed in the next couple of months at a Stockholm McDonald's.

While the payment details are sketchy, the plan is that charging the hybrid car wouldn't take longer than an average restaurant stop - though Josh Thomas at Ångströms Lab in Uppsala said that type of post would require 4-6 hours to fully charge an empty battery of the type now used. Elforsk has a budget of 10 million Swedish crowns to help support the project. Eldon, the company that is producing the posts, said 30-45 minutes would be the average charging time, but

There are currently a couple of hundred pure electric cars in the entire country, but the electricity industry would like over 600,000 to be rolling along Sweden's roads by 2020 - the thought is that the cars will use wind-produced electricity as Sweden bumps up its renewable energy quotient to 50% to comply with the EU's Renewable Directive goals. Sweden also hopes to reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector by 20% in that same time period. Via: Elforsk (Swedish)

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