Sobering Map Pinpoints Every Vehicle-Related Death in the US

Every year, as more and more cars and trucks clutter US roadways, reports of vehicle-related fatalities have increasingly become a sad fixture in news stories across the nation. In truth, each death is a unique tragedy in and of itself, but when viewed on a macrocosmic level the total scale of lives lost on America's streets and highways is profoundly disturbing. Mapping site ITO World recently compiled data of virtually every fatality that occurred on roads in the United States between 2001 and 2009 into one sobering map.

According to information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the map above represents the 369,629 drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or cyclists killed in vehicle-related accidents in the US in that nine-year period. The zoomable image above pinpoints the location of the accident, along with the gender and age of the victim.

What's perhaps most striking about this visualization is how there is hardly a community that hasn't been touched in some way by a death on its streets, and how vehicle-related fatalities seem to loom over the whole of the US like a plague -- a jarring reminder of how thousands of individual losses amass as one national tragedy.

Via The Guardian

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