Greyhound Australia Donates $12,000 Solar Panel Under Travel Green Program

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We knew that bus travel was a much more sound means of transit than flying, but who knew it could also pay off so handsomely. One lucky family who travelled on Greyhound buses in Australia have scored themselves a free 1 kW solar panel system, worth $12,000 AUD, in a carbon offset program we noted earlier.

The $1 AUD Green Dollar that the White family of Brisbane, Queensland, paid on top of their ticket price, to offset over 90% of the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their travel, put them into a draw to win the photovoltaic system from Energy Matters. This is part of Greyhound Australia's Travel Green partnership with Cleaner Climate, who use the collected funds to support energy projects certified by the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). But this is not the only eco endeavour that the coach company has undertaken.Greyhound Australia is the largest bus operator in Australia, having bought out many of the other operators, with runs to more than 1,100 destinations. It's pleasing to hear that they've employed a dedicated Environment Resource Officer, who is responsible for such tasks as environmental audits of all Greyhound sites and such like. It seems to have been a move that has brought kudos to Greyhound with the win of an environmental innovation award from the Queensland Bus Industry Council.

The company has spent $11 million on new fuel efficient Scania buses. And they are proud to boast that full buses spew out up to eight times less CO2 emissions per passenger per kilometre on the same route than do jet aircraft.

The CEO of Greyhound Australia, Rob Thomas, is also quoted as saying that,
"Cleaner Climate is also completing a Carbon Footprint Analysis for Greyhound and developing a comprehensive Carbon Management Plan over 3 years to manage, reduce and report operational emissions in terminals, call centres and head office."

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