Greenwashing Watch: GM Considering Changing Its Logo from Blue to Green [Updated]

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Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover
According to MSNBC, GM is considering (nothing decided yet) changing the background color of its logo from blue to green. Literally, I don't think it would be possible to change GM in a more superficial way than that. It would almost be the textbook definition of greenwashing. Come on GM, let your actions speak for themselves. If you want to be seen as greener, you have to earn it. No logo change is going to accomplish that.Update: At about the time I was writing this post, GM denied that a logo change would take place. CNN has the story. As usual with these denials, we can't be 100% sure if it really was a totally unfounded rumor that made its way to the AP and MSNBC, or if there was some truth to it until GM saw the reaction online. In any case, my suggestions for GM still stand.

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Photo: Michael Graham Richard

GM could start by bringing over to North-America some of its fuel-efficient European models (though that might now be harder than before because of the sale of Opel -- maybe that train has left the station, or maybe a deal is still possible) and fully embracing PHEVs and electric vehicles. The company can't afford to be left behind (again) when the wave eventually comes.

I'm sure GM now wishes it had kept the EV1 project alive (maybe the EV3 by now...), at least so that it could tell Toyota: "You have a hybrid? So what? We have an electric car, and it's getting better with each generation, and soon it'll be ready for prime time!" Maybe if they had kept at it, the Chevy Volt would be easier to deliver on time at a lower cost, and with even better technical specs.

But in any case, it's not changing the color of a logo that will accomplish much. I hope GM leaked this info to see what the reaction will be, and that now they'll put that idea in File 13.

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