Greenwash Watch: Norway Says Cars are not "Green" or "Clean"


You can't market a Prius as "green" in Norway; forget about calling your Tesla "clean"- it is all greenwashing to the Norwegian consumer ombudsman. "No car can be "green," "clean" or "environmentally friendly.Cars cannot do anything good for the environment except less damage than others" said Bente Oeverli, a senior official.

"If someone says their car is more 'green' or 'environmentally friendly' than others then they would have to be able to document it in every aspect from production, to emissions, to energy use, to recycling," she said.

"In practice that can't be done," she said of tougher guidelines entering into force in Norway from October 15. The guidelines distributed to carmakers said: "We ask that ... phrases such as 'environmentally friendly', 'green', 'clean', 'environmental car', 'natural' or similar descriptions not be used in marketing cars."

Bravo Norway. ::Reuters

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