Greenspeed GT3 - A Folding Recumbent!


Not only do you get to sit back, in a low slung recumbent but with the GT3, Greenspeed have added a double bonus. They suggest it will fold up, to fit in the back of car (if you must have one of those), in just 30 seconds. And at $2,595 USD they’ve reduced the cost to nearly half of their standard models, by doing stuff like reducing the usual 70 to 80 or so gears down to a paltry 27 !! Not really a bike, more of a trike, the Greenspeeds evolved in Australia, but have found a fanatical following worldwide, including in the US. Sporting two wheels at the front is supposed to increase stability and performance quite markedly. One of the touring models can even manage luggage loads of up to 36 kg (80lbs). ::Greenspeed Worldwide