Greener Vehicles for Australian State Government?


It's the worst of times. It's the best of times. The Australian state of Victoria has recognised it is amongst the greediest of the earth's consumers, having an ecological footprint greater than the national average, and ominously approaching that of the US. If all the world wanted to live like Victorians, another four planets would be required to provide the needed resources. But back in 2003, the state government established the unusual position of an eco ombudsman: The Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability (CES). "An independent voice that advocates, audits and reports on environmental sustainability."


The CES recently reported (as part of a greater government procurement guide) that he wants to see the state working with automotive manufacturers to provide locally produced eco-cars. "Favouring more fuel efficient vehicles will also provide cost savings for Government, especially with petrol at record prices." He goes on to say, "If the local car industry can restructure to produce more fuel efficient vehicles, we will see more of these vehicles in the national car fleet, saving drivers' at the petrol pump and helping protect our environment by lowering greenhouse and other air pollutant emissions." Specifically the CES suggests a minimum initial target of 10% LPG-powered vehicles, an extra 150 hybrid vehicles, and fully verified green offsets for the government's vehicle fleet. Whilst none of this is rocket science, it is pleasing to see a government initiative espousing the economic, social and environment virtues of going green. ::Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability , via The Age.