GreenBuild: Charge Your Electric Car in Ten Minutes

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They may have crushed all of the EV1 electric cars, but they didn't crush the technology; it lives on at Aerovironment, used primarily in industrial vehicles and forklifts.

The technology behind PosiCharge grew out of AV's development of the modern electric car for General Motors. Introduced in 1989, the GM Impact was a breakthrough in EV design and systems integration. When tasked with finding a way to safely increase the useful range of electric battery packs, AV's team of engineers, scientists and battery applications experts developed PosiCharge.

It essentially charges a battery three to six times as fast and a conventional DC charger.

They are proposing a system of "convenient, safe, and truly fast charging stations that recharge EV battery packs in less than ten minutes - rendering concerns about EV driving range a thing of the past."

Passenger Electric Vehicles - a network of PosiCharge EV fast charge systems would ensure that EV drivers have access to a ten minute battery charge when and where needed. HEV drivers could be able to drive more miles in electric mode, thereby reducing emissions and consuming more electricity, which is typically less expensive than gasoline or diesel.

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