Greenbird's Bid for Fastest Wind-Powered Vehicle Rained Off

Wind-powered Record Attempt Cancelled
The frustrating thing about trying to work with, rather than against, Mother Nature is that, well, sometimes Mother Nature just doesn't want to play along. No sooner had April posted on Greenbird, the record attempt sponsored by TreeHugger favorites Ecotricity to become the fastest land-yacht in the world, that we hear the disappointing news that the attempt has been cancelled. Apparently it just wouldn't stop raining:"Well, we needed the perfect weather ... what we got was far from it. Uncharacteristic rainfall has flooded the Lake Lefroy leaving hopes of a world record high-and-dry. The team have packed up and left the outback, a little down hearted but firmly focused on the next attempt for the ice record in 2009."

Better luck next time.

::Greenbird::via Ecotricity::

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