Green Ways to Light Up Your Bike: Good, Bad, Out There (Slideshow)

Reelight photo

Photo of a red Reelight via 36widgets @ flickr.
Seeing and being seen is really important when bike riding - TreeHugger Lloyd quotes a stat from the NY Times that says 45% of fatal bike accidents are in "low-light" situations. But can you be well-lit and green? A trip to the TreeHugger archives reveals myriad bike light solutions that haven't made it past the pilot stage. But the answer is yes - if you are an urban rider, click forward to see the greenest ways to light up your bike ride (as well as a couple of not-quite-there concepts). But note: for long nighttime commutes or mountain biking, you'd likely want very strong lighting solutions, or at least to combine some of the following.

Green Ways to Light Up Your Bike: The Good, the Bad, the Outrageous

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