Green Rallying, On The Cheap


The Mongol Rally is a crazy event - 10,000 miles in a car with an engine size less than 1000cc. It's not a high-profile, high-budget event either - this is groups of people in second hand cars, crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.

This quote from the official site should give you an idea of what it's all about, "Imagine yourself in the middle of the gargantuan Kazakh desert, your car slowly being shredded by the dirt track your map says is a motorway, completely lost hundreds of miles from civilisation with no back up crew to rescue you. Just you, your wits, your increasingly brown pants, a car that the laws of physics say shouldn't have got you past Peckham Rye and a slightly angry looking man with a gun."
One team, the Green Team, is attempting the journey in a 24 year-old 2CV, which only has a 600cc engine. It's an impressive feat, if they pull it off. It proves that you don't need a huge, powerful car to go long distances.

Despite driving the most economical car they could find on eBay, the team are further greening it up with solar panels and carbon offsets for the whole journey. I wish them luck, and hope that the little french car can make it all the way.

As a side note, if anyone is reading this and thinking about entering - then get in touch. I am looking for some partners for next years race. ::Auto Blog Green