Green Mockumentary: The Search for the Zozo

Let's Restore the Zozo Habitat
To explain this one too much is probably to ruin it... After having a trailer on for a while, StreetFilms has now released the whole mockumentary (with cameos by many great New Yorkers) about these big purply furry creatures that used to live in urban environments before automobiles. You still don't know what a Zozo is? Well, you need to check out this video! It might just convince you to become a Zozo conservation activist...From StreetFilms:

In the early part of the 1900s, Zozos - large, furry, innocent, purple creatures - once freely roamed New York City's streets, and were seen frequently mingling among its denizens and enjoying the public realm. But with the advent of the automobile their numbers slowly dwindled, until the 1930s when sightings became rare and they were thought to go extinct.

But now thanks to a burgeoning livable streets movement and a marked improvement in public spaces in NYC, Zozo sightings have been reported. World-renowned crypto-zoologist Donald Druthers has convinced us to document the facts - and yes, it looks like Zozos could be making a comeback! See the evidence for yourself.

Via StreetFilms
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