Green Membership Has its Privileges in Ontario

Ontario Minister of the Environment Laurel Broten says "do as I say, not as I do" and is introducing green licence plates for for low emission and alternative fuel vehicles. Perks include access to the high-occupancy lanes, free parking and lower registration fees.

"Now we're saying we're going to also put some more factors on that table to help you make a decision that's good for your family and good for the environment," she told a news conference. NDP environment critic Peter Tabuns sniffed "small potatoes given the scope of the problem before us."

Just don't drive to Ohio or Wisconsin, where legislators are proposing green licence plates for sex offenders and pedophiles. "Can you imagine, you're a granola cruncher, you've got a green plate, and you wonder why everyone hates you in Ohio?" said Opposition member Tim Hudak. ::the Star

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