Green Energy Needs Lots of Water


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In America's efforts to deal with Peak Oil, we may come up against Peak Water more quickly than imagined. University of Texas professor Michael Webber, an environmental policy specialist, told the American Association for the Advancement of Science that alternative fuel production uses a lot more water than gasoline refining. According to the Star, Webber said the water required for an alternate fuel vehicle to travel a certain distance can be up to 100 times that required for a gas-powered vehicle.

"I don't know of anybody who shops for fuels based on their water intensity," he said, "But as river levels continue to drop and aquifers dry up, this link between water and energy is going to become an issue at a higher government level." He also suggests that this may become an international issue.

"Right now Canadians don't care about this because you're the most water-rich nation in the world. "But you might care if the U.S. starts coming after your water because we're in trouble from the energy-water connection," he said. ::The Star

The water required for the hybrids and for hydrogen production is mainly used for cooling in electrical generating plants, and we should note that while the water supply is needed, it just passes through and is usually returned to the river where it came from so it is not really consumed. If the electricity comes from wind or solar then there is no water component involved.

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