Green, Eco-Friendly, Folding Bike from Military Design

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Green Design Is From Real Military Technology

A week ago, Mike at Jalopnik sent us a tip on the Shadow RST-V. I’ve struggled with the moral dilemma of whether to promote military technology or not. Then I remembered a product I’d unearthed, even earlier, with the same quandary, the Paratrooper. Posting them together halves the problem. And in essence, that is what the Shadow tries to do, as well. As a hybrid diesel-electric vehicle, it halves the amount fuel used - compared to the gas greedy Hummer. On top of that, its two lithium-ion battery packs, which like other electric hybrids, can be recharged with braking action, give it a range of 32km (20 miles), sans the diesel. Montague, on the other hand, figure their Paratrooper bike has a daily range of 120km (75 miles), on standard rations.

Quick and Easy! Folds in just 30 seconds!
Their unique folding design does not break the structural frame of the bike. Yet it folds almost in half in 30 seconds, without the use of tools, while weighing in at 29 lbs (13kg). Otherwise, it is a standard 26 inch wheeled mountain bike, with front suspension and disk brakes, combined with 24 speed Shimano Deore gearing. $645 USD. Thanks to ::Jalopnik for the Shadow tip.
More on the Paratrooper and other affordable, green folding bikes can be found at ::Montague [by WM]

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