Green Delivery from French Postal Service

When the French do something, they do it in style and make an impact. Some things like the Concorde suck a bit too much gas and don't quite work out as planned, but when they decide that they don't want to suck gas, they go out and buy ten thousand electric vehicles to deliver the mail. "There has never been such a big order [for the vehicles] in the world," said French Industry Minister Francois Loos.

"According to our tests, it is six times cheaper to run an electric vehicle than a diesel vehicle," said La Poste chairman Jean-Paul Bailly. La Poste believes the change will also cut emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) by four tonnes per vehicle annually.

France introduced Minitel , a phone based computer system, way back in 1982, and continues to update its public computer networks that everyone has access to; I am surprised that they still have mail. ::Celsias

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