Green Commuting at Google! (Video)

They Even have a Kayak Commuter!
Most of you probably know by now that Google isn't your average mega-corp. They like to do things their own way, and that includes getting their employees to work. The video above shows how they seem to encourage any way of commuting that isn't the individual car, from unicycles to pogo-sticks and kayaks (well, those are the weird ones -- most employees take the very comfortable bio-diesel shuttle buses with fast internet connections). "In total, the combination of the GFleet and our shuttles result in net annual savings of more than 5,400 metric tons of CO2. That's like taking over 2,000 cars off the road every day, or avoiding 14 million vehicle miles every year." More companies should do things this way! Via Google. See also: Google Invests $280M in Residential Solar Power!

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