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BYD's E6 electric MPV. Click on image above to see the BYD Electric Cars slideshow.

Green from China: BYD's Plug-in Hybrids and Electric Cars

China's BYD has been turning lots of heads lately. They kind of came out of nowhere (until a few years ago they only made batteries, not cars) and challenged the big automakers with electric cars and plug-in hybrids that they claim will have competitive performance at lower prices. In this slideshow we look at the F3DM plug-in hybrid, already on sale in China and coming to the US in 2011, the F6DM plug-in hybrid, and the E6 electric crossover car.

Pininfarina and Bolloré's Bluecar EV. Click on image above to see the Bluecar slideshow.

Bluecar Electric Car by Pininfarina and Bolloré

The Bluecar electric car has one very interesting feature, aside from being quite beautiful. It features an advanced lithium-polymer battery and supercapacitors. As supercapacitors get better and more energy-dense, we'll probably see them used more and more in EVs unless other developments in battery technology allow chemical batteries to surpass them.

Mike Turner's DIY Aerocivic hypermiler. Click on image above to see the Aerocivic slideshow.

Mike Turner's Do-It-Yourself 95 MPG AeroCivic

After hurricane Katrina destroyed a good part of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, gas prices shot up and Mike Turner decided to modify his 1992 Honda Civic to make it much more fuel efficient. He was inspired by old super-aerodynamic experimental German cars from the 1930s, and using $400 of materials, he made the 95 MPG Aerocivic, a car that might not look good from all angles, but it beats the crap of even modern hybrids when it comes to gas mileage. We like this project a lot because it shows the power of aerodynamics to improve MPG.

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