Green at WIRED NextFest: Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid


Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid
Unfortunately, no big revelations about the next-generation Toyota Prius at NextFest. We did learn that Toyota will modify some Prius hybrids to turn them into plug-in hybrids for fleet testing. These models will use lithium-ion battery packs, though the upcoming official Toyota plug-in hybrid will still use NiMH batteries like the current Prius (they store less power than li-ion, but Toyota tells us that they don't think li-ion is ready to meet their requirements for full scale deployment yet).

Here you can see the modified plug-in Prius they had on display.

It basically looks like a regular Prius except for this.


Toyota wanted to make sure that we knew that the car could be plugged into any ol' regular electric outlet.


Here we have a modified plug-in Prius charging off solar panels. This one is from Japan.

Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Prius photo

Here is what the screen looks like while it's charging.

Commercial production of Toyota plug-in hybrids should begin in 2010. Lets hope that in the meantime they'll make quicker-than-expected progress on the batteries (they have a partnership with Panasonic to develop new chemistries) and that they will use something better than NiMH.

WIRED NextFest 2008
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