Green at WIRED NextFest: Human-Electric Hybrid Vehicle by Humancar

Imagine_PS by Humancar
We often hear about hyrbid vehicles, and that usually means gas & electric, or sometimes diesel & electric, but the Imagine_PS by HumanCar is different. It is a human-powered vehicle, but we're pretty far from the Flintstones. It is also a PHEV that can be charged by plugging it into the grid, you steer it with your body, by leaning on one side or the other, not with a steering wheel, and it can actually act as a 110V A/C power station.

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60 MPH, Zero Gas
The Imagine_PS can hit 60 mph (100 kph) without burning any fossil fuels (As they say, you pump instead of gas pumps.)! You can either go for the full workout and row all the way, or you can use the electric motor to assist you, particularly with hills. It is also apparently very stable because of the low center of gravity.

How to Buy a HumanCar
If you go to HumaCar's website, you can actually reserve one for $99 for when the actual production begins. Price of the vehicle is set at $15,500, but if it's a hit we can probably expect that to go down (though to get to that point, they will need early adopters who can afford the initial sticker price).

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