Greece Rolls Out Eco-Friendly Bus Fleet

All 162 school buses in Greece (That's the Greece Central School District in New York State) have been retrofitted with diesel oxidation catalysts and crankcase spiracle filters to reduce air pollution to which children are exposed. In the final installment of this Greek Trilogy, we just couldn't resist the punning. A project like this cost hundreds of thousands of dollars but the best part for the Greece Central School District and the taxpayers is that it was done at no cost to them. That's because this project was paid for by a grant from the EPA's Clean Bus USA Project.The goal of The Environmental Protection Agency's Clean School Bus USA is to reduce both children's exposure to diesel exhaust and the amount of air pollution created by diesel school buses.

• 24 million children ride the school bus every day.
• On average, students spend an hour and a half each weekday in a school bus.
• School buses drive more than 4 billion miles each year.

The program encourages policies and practices to eliminate unnecessary public school bus idling, uses upgrading ("retrofitting") buses that will remain in the fleet with better emission control technologies and/or fueling them with cleaner fuels as well as replaces the oldest buses in the fleet with new, less polluting buses. Via::

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