Grease Not Gas: Snowboarding & Rock 'N Rolling for SVO


The guys at Grease Not Gas are out to show how easy, simple and fun running cars on SVO (straight veggie oil) and WVO (waste veggie oil) can be. Originally founded to create a diesel-to-oil how-to DVD, their project has grown, through collaborations with Snowboarder Magazine and MTV, into a full-fledged documentary movie detailing the ins and outs of the renewable energy. They're on a nationwide tour with the band Piebald, who're traveling 18,000 miles around the US, powered by SVO and WVO. Starting in Los Angeles, they've been to New York, Seattle, Florida and back at an average cost of four cents per mile (they've had to buckle and buy some petro diesel a few times). The project features video podcasts of their adventures, and will soon have web forums, so they and their website visitors can chat about what they're up to. We love to see alternative and renewable energy coming together with music, film, sports and TV to help spread the good word to a large, new audience. Good luck, guys! See also: TH Interview with Robin Charron about converting from diesel to SVO/WVO. ::Grease Not Gas via ::Eco-Chick