Got a Prius V? Toyota Wants to Fix Your Exhaust


20,000 Prius V Hybrids to be Serviced in North-America

If you own a Prius V hybrid - and chances are that many of you reading this do - Toyota would like to service your car. It's not a recall, but rather a “service campaign” to fix a flaw in the exhaust system.

"[Toyota] will replace weak actuators—control mechanisms—in the exhaust-heat-recovery systems of the 2011-12 Prius, for free. The weakened actuators can cause engine coolants to leak, making the hybrid system’s warning light turn on and causing the car to run in safe mode. The program affects about 8,000 Prius Alpha vehicles in Japan and about 20,000 in North America, where it is known as the Prius V," writes the Wall Street journal.



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