GOP Budget Blames Museums And Bike Paths For Highway Funding Woes

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That's what GOP Budget Committee Chair calls the budget proposal, and that Path To Prosperity does not include a bike lane. In fact, Ryan specifically blames bike lanes and museums for diverting much-needed Highway Trust Fund money away from highways. Noah at DC Streetsblog quotes the budget:

Over the past decade, highway spending has mostly exceeded the gas-tax revenues that finance the fund, because gas-tax levels leveled off while spending grew. Spending, meanwhile, has increasingly been diverted to non-highway projects, such as bike trails and museums, and politicized through earmarks such as the Bridge to Nowhere mentioned above.

But bike paths, the true paths to prosperity, are just the start:

With the federal government's fiscal challenges making long-term subsidization infeasible, high-speed rail and other new intercity rail projects should be pursued only if they can be established as self-supporting commercial services. The threat of large, endless subsidies is precisely the reason governors across the country are rejecting federally-funded high-speed rail projects. This budget eliminates these projects, which have failed numerous and clear cost-benefit analyses.

So in Ryan's world, a "Cohesive National Transportation Policy" involves private cars he believes pay their own way, except they don't. From subsidies to the oil and gas industry, to military action around the globe, to health care costs, a big chunk of every dollar spent by the American government goes to subsidizing the automobile based system and the gasoline it requires.

But a high speed train, that has to be "self supporting." And a bike path? Who uses those?

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