Google Earth Reveals US Military's Biggest Airplane Graveyard (Pics)


Image via Gizmodo

Technically, it's called the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group. But it's more commonly known as the 'Boneyard'--and seeing as how it houses at least one of every plane flown by the armed forces since WWII, it's believed to be the largest airplane graveyard in the United States.


The site covers a massive 2,600 acres (four square miles) and contains over 4,200 old planes, in addition to parts. It's sure to give aviation buffs something to drool over, as it's the final resting place for "B-52 Cold War-era bombers that were retired in the 1990s under the the terms of the SALT disarmament treaties," F-14 fighter planes used in Top Gun, and all sorts of obscure military planes.


But the thing that interested me most about the military plane graveyard (besides the fact that it's a gigantic military plane graveyard), was this claim reported by the BBC:

In addition to being a massive plane park, AMARG also refurbishes aircraft, returning them to flying status or preparing them to be transported overland. Officials at the base say that the parts reclaimed and aircraft withdrawn turns every tax dollar spent into 11 dollars in return.
If true, that would make this airplane purgatory one of the most efficient recycling programs in the entire US government--lending it a value high above the 'wow' appeal for Navy and Air Force aficionados.

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