Google Does Public Transit

Google recently launched a new service called "Google Transit". The service is intended to make it easier to navigate public transportation systems. It cuts through the hassle of wading through various timetables and maps. Instead, you can just type your start and end addresses (and a time, if you like). In response, the system will tell you where to walk and what buses or trains to take. Right now, it only covers Portland, Oregon. But Google says other cities will be added soon. WorldChanging reports:

It has the schedule & route data of Portland's TriMet (the local transit system). It tells you where to walk to, what lines to take when, plots it all out on the map (both walking and riding, with flags to differentiate), and tells you how much it will cost. It even compares the cost of your trip to the cost of driving (for instance, going from the airport to downtown costs $1.80 by transit and $4.27 by car!)

:: Google Transit via WorldChanging