Goodbye Batteries Bike Lights

We have seen pedals with LED's built in, but we can't use them because we wear bike shoes that clip on to our pedals. This is the answer: Bike lights that connect to the axle and are charged by magnets connected to the spokes. How elegant and simple.

"The lights flash powerfully with twin LED’s using the power generated by magnets attached to the spokes of your bicycle. Why was it not invented before?

There is no need for batteries or dangling wires – never, ever!

The lights are easily fitted to any bike, and are a great safety device for you or your children. The lights are always on, day or night, constantly flashing.

And just as important, there are no batteries to buy or to throw away when used.

A recent independent study in Denmark showed a 20% reduction in accidents for bicycles fitted with these additional lights."

::Goodbye Batteries
via :;Red Ferret