GoLoco: Share a Ride, Save a Buck, Save the Planet


TreeHugger is a big fan of ridesharing, carpooling and otherwise cutting back on the number of drivers on the road, and we dug a little deeper into how to do that here. The latest entry into the pool is GoLoco, an online service that helps arrange for carpools and rideshares for folks headed in the same direction. Like many of the other services we've seen, it's free to register and search for and post rides; it's up to individual drivers if they want to charge their riders to help defer the costs of gas or parking, and GoLoco handles all of the transactions online. "Seventy-five percent of all passenger cars on the road transport only one person at any given time, resulting in a vast waste of gasoline, money and time with friends," says GoLoco founder Robin Chase. "All those empty seats also represent a huge opportunity: Fill them with friends and save gas, money and the environment." GoLoco doesn't want you hitching a ride with total strangers, though; each user has their own profile with past ride ratings to give you an idea about your rider/driver before you buckle up. This isn't Chase's first foray into driving alternatives; she's also the founder of ZipCar. ::GoLoco via ::AutoblogGreen

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