GoLoco Hits Facebook


With the social networking site Facebook recently opening up their platform to external applications, many organizations and companies are taking advantage of the social connection that Facebook thrives on. We previously covered attempts to use Facebook for green networking and carpooling, but now old TreeHugger favorites GoLoco are getting in the act with a Facebook application for their own carpooling service. The new GoLoco application gives a whole new set of folks access to all of GoLoco's carpooling goodness, including their privacy controls, payment options and CO2 calculations. GoLoco's founder Robin Chase is looking to Facebook as a way to connect with a diverse groups of potential users.

We always considered Facebook's first users -- university students -- to be part of our early adopting demographic. They care about saving money, they want to take action on climate change, and they have totally understood the power and joy of social networking. It is Facebook's second wave of users-- those that they have targeted since cornering the university market -- that we will be bringing to them: commuters, conference attendees, businesses and cities.
She went on to say:
Facebook has a large and robust existing social network so people won't have to recreate all those friends and relationships in order to get the most out of GoLoco. We want people everywhere to GoLoco as much of the time as possible. We have a very short window in which to make a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and pace of adoption matters. The clock is ticking.

Signing up for GoLoco on Facebook couldn't be easier. If you are already a member of Facebook, you can add the carpooling service through the applications page. If you are not yet a Facebook member, get an account and get carpooling!

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