Going uphill: Tesla passes a bunch of SUVs stuck in the snow (video)

Tesla and SUVs stuck in the snow
Screen capture Youtube

Hopefully this is another nail in the coffin of the myth that electric cars are bad in cold weather conditions (remember the controversy surrounding a New York Times article a couple years ago?). I mean, if the fact that the highest number of Teslas sold per capita is to be found in Norway wasn't enough to dispel the myth, and the Model S roadtrip to the arctic circle that these guys did while only charging at Supercharger stations:

Then maybe seeing a Dual Motor Model S climbing up snowy 14% incline that defeats all kinds of other vehicles, including SUVs, will reassure those who think that EVs and harsh winter conditions don't mix:

Of course, this doesn't mean that EVs are invulnerable to cold. Like gasoline and diesel cars, EVs will see a reduced range when it's cold, and snow traction will depend a lot on what kind of tires you have, rather than on having something that looks like it should do well in the snow (many SUVs have pretty bad snow performance).

Here's one Norwegian Tesla owner sharing his experience with the electric car in the frigid cold:

And as a reminder that we live in a new world, it's not just smartphones that are getting wireless software updates that add functionality:

More on the Arctic circle roadtrip can be found here.

As a bonus, here's a video of a Tesla Model X being tested (that's why it's camouflaged like that):

Via Elon Musk

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