GoGet Carshare

We've reported on car sharing schemes before. The likes of ZipCar, FlexCar and StreetCar. So what makes this one different? Well, first it has a spunkier, more creative name and secondly it is Australia's first professional such service. About 4 years old, it operates out of both Sydney and Melbourne. It's won a swag of awards and has a growing membership, who reckon that car sharing is "cheaper than owning their own car, renting a car for short trips, bout the same price or cheaper than renting a car for long trips and more convenient than all of the above." Costs for something like Ernie the Echo [by Toyota] pictured here, are based around $4-6 AUD per hour, depending on the plan one is signed up for. GoGet directly pays for the petrol, although if the tank get under 1/4 full you are obliged to top it up for the next person — GoGet still pay, not you. Their aims are to provide a service that: allows people to live car-free [Think they need better wording here!], decreases car usage, improves local air quality, removes private cars from local streets, increases patronage for public transport, and allows people to lead more active lives. ::GoGet