Go-One Aerodynamic Recumbent Tricycle


Forget romantic visions of cycling with wind in your hair. Get your tangled locks inside a sleek shaped monocoque shell, made of carbon fibre. Designed by Michael Goretzky (one of the guys behind the SMART car) who reckons you can go almost forever without refuelling. OK, so you might stop for the occasional veggie burger and cleansing ale. This true "Human Powered Vehicle" (HPV) comes with front, rear and indicator lights. The 28 speed bullet weighs just 32kg, with batteries. Luggage compartments are under development as is a battery powered electric motor. Truly desperate for some fresh air? - leave the rear 'turret' off - instant cabriolet! And girls, it even has has a side view mirror so you could, at a pinch, adjust your make-up while waiting at the traffic lights. 9,500 Euro. ::Go-One [by WM]


We know what you're thinking. Won't it get hot inside this curvy mobile glasshouse? Apparently not. The top turrents have air ventilation ducts. Oh and the battery - its for all the safety lights.