Go Electric: The Sierra Club has a great new electric vehicle guide

Detroit Electric car charging in 1919
Public Domain Library of Congress

Ok, the guide wasn't old enough to include the electric car above, but this new version is worth a mention anyway. There are 6 new EVs in the database, for a new total of 20, and there's a new tool that allows you to look for incentives available to you (you just need to give them your zip code). If you already have an idea of what models of EVs interest you, you can go directly to the individual model pages where there's all kind of information (you can see what the page for the Nissan LEAF looks like below). But if you're not sure what is out there that meets your needs, you can fill out this short quiz and it'll recommend you the EV(s) that best fit your answers.

Sierra Club electric vehicle guideSierra Club electric vehicle guide/Screen capture

The guide gives you all the important information about each model, such as whether they are purely electric or plug-in hybrids, how much electric driving range they have, their efficiency rating (the awkward MPG-equivalent created by the EPA), estimated annual "fuel" cost, where the vehicle is available for sale, and of course what incentives are available in your area if you give them your zip code.

There's a useful 'EVs: Myths vs. Reality' page that tries to correct a lot of misinformation about EVs that is swirling around. If you're reading TreeHugger, you're probably well-informed, but it can be a useful starting point for friends & family who aren't sure about going electric.

Sierra Club electric vehicle guideSierra Club electric vehicle guide/Screen capture

Sierra Club has also created a blog about EVs, and there's a recent piece in their magazine about an electric road-trip using fast-charging stations. Looks like the venerable organization, founded in 1892 by John Muir, is starting to push harder for a future where transportation is electric (and much, much cleaner than it is now, especially if the power grid is also cleaned-up).

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