GM's Chevy Volt Price Goes Up; Stereo, Wipers to Blame

Chevrolet GM Volt electric car
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Chevy Volt Plug-In Hybrid Car
The GM Volt plug-in hybrid was supposed to hit showrooms in 2010 for $30,000. Well, apparently it's not that easy to redesign wipers, stereos and other electrical accessories so they drain as little juice as possible from the battery. GM has announced that the first generation Volt will be "closer to $35,000". The good news is that the late 2010 deadline hasn't been officially pushed back, though GM says that if it can't make it, the car might be delayed until the Spring of 2011.

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GM says the Volt's lithium-ion batteries will provide a range of 40 miles and a one-liter engine will power a generator that will keep the vehicle going beyond that. In most cars, accessories like windshield wipers, air conditioning and the stereo are powered by the battery, which is recharged by the engine through the alternator, or directly by the engine. But the Volt doesn't have an alternator, and it has something draining the batteries other cars don't - the wheels. They need all the juice they can get.

"You really start taking away from the range when you're using 10-speaker audio systems, wipers," Allen says. "These systems need to be redone, and they are being redone."

Chevrolet GM Volt electric car
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Second Generation of the Volt Plug-In Hybrid
The second generation Volt will be "more refined", according to Dee Allen, a spokesman for GM. We can expect more elegant solutions to the problems currently facing GM, and maybe even a cheaper Volt. Lets hope that the car doesn't get delayed and performs as promised.

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