GM's 100% Electric Spark Begins Road Tests

GM Spark EV© GM

GM's has begun road-testing the upcoming Spark EV, their first 100% electric car since the EV1 was crushed (the Volt doesn't count because is has a gasoline range-extender). Automakers usually put some camouflage on test cars when they drive them on public roads, so that's why the Spark EVs look like cows in the photo above and video below (though I don't know why you would bother to do that if you are then going to post photos of the camo'ed cars on an official blog afterwards...).

What's most intriguing is that in the blog post the GM engineer riffs on a Blues Brothers quote and implies that the Spark EV could have an electric range of around 106 miles:

Allow me to modify one of the best movie quotes of all time:
“It’s 106 miles to LA, we’ve got full battery charge, half a pack of twizzlers, it’s dark….and we’re wearing sunglasses – HIT IT!”"

We can't be sure this is what it means, but it would certainly be nice if that was the case.

Here's some pics of the Spark without the camo:

GM Chevy Spark car photo

Photo: GM


Photo: GM


Photo: GM


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