GM Volt Owners Might Go Up to 2 Years Without Changing the Oil

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Possibly More, After More Real-World Testing
One of the many benefits of electric cars is that you get rid of many things that need maintenance and can break down (a lot of mechanics will probably be sad about that). Hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars that combined electric motors and batteries with internal combustion engines don't quite get the same benefits, but still get some. For example, the brake pads on most hybrids wear out very slowly because most of the braking is done with an electric motor to generate electricity (aka regenerative braking). In the Chevy Volt, the oil changes could happen as rarely as once every two years because for some drivers the gas engine will almost never turn on.That's the tricky part; figuring out which drivers are which. Thankfully for GM, they already have a technology to monitor oil quality that allows them to know when you need an oil change. If you drive your Volt in such a way that the oil loses its lubricating qualities fast, your oil changes will be frequent. But if you drive it in electric mode most of the time, you might reach the software "cap" of 2 years between oil changes.

This "cap" might actually be increased to more than 2 years after GM has had time to gather more real-world data about oil quality in its PHEV.

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